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Argentina  Argentina     
152003354WaveRegular Wave Design1
162001354CupRegular Cup Design2
31995354BottleRegular Bottle Design0
141990354OldRegular Old Design0

Australia  Australia
10372008300SpecialPeace & Love can - limited edition can designed by Bngette Duckworth0
252002250CupRegular Cup Design0
462001375CupRegular Cup Design1
441997375DiscRegular Disc Design2
201996375BottleRegular Bottle Design0

Austria  Austria
9822008330WaveRegular Wave design0
582003330WaveRegular Wave Design1
592000500CupRegular Cup Design0
521994500OldOld Design - "0.5 Liter"0
8911993330OldRegular Old Design0
541988330OldRegular Old Design - wide top0

Belgium  Belgium
672001330CupCup Design - broun rim - "Find The Symbols, Play & Win (Sans Cafeine)0
702001330CupCup Design - light green rim - "Find The Symbols, Play & Win0
9041989330OldRegular Old Design0
751985330OldRegular Old Design0

Benelux  Benelux
10352008150BlankRegular new blank design0
772003330WaveRegular Wave Design2
792000330CupRegular Cup Design3

Botswana  Botswana
802003450WaveRegular Wave Design0

Brazil  Brazil
1041997350BottleRegular Bottle Design - Rough top0
811990350OldRegular Old Design - Rough top - (Ver #1 - no barcode, "Marcas reg. de Fantasia")1
10151990350OldRegular Old Design - Rough top - (Ver #2 - with barcode)0
841986350OldRegular Old Design0

Bulgaria  Bulgaria
10272003330WaveRegular Wave design (also sold in Romania)0
1052001330CupRegular Cup Design0

Canada  Canada
8992005355WaveRegular Wave Design1
1082000355CupRegular Cup Design1
1151997355BottleRegular Bottle Design0
1201997355DiscRegular Disc Design0
1131982280BlankRegular Blank Design0

Chile  Chile
1291990354OldRegular Old Design0

China  China
10222007355WaveWave design - Bejing 2008 Olympic Games symbol0
1312003355WaveRegular Wave Design - "Coca-Cola" in Chinese0
1412002355CupRegular Cup Design (alu)0
1301998355DiscRegular Disc Design0
1421996355BottleRegular Bottle Design - ver#2 "Coca-Cola"1
1341995355BottleRegular Bottle Design - ver#10
1401993355OldRegular Old Design0

Colombia  Colombia
1502004355WaveRegular Wave Design0
1552001355CupRegular Cup Design0
1521988296OldRegular Old Design0

Cyprus  Cyprus
8762005330WaveRegular Wave Design0
1622000330DiscRegular Disc Design - two languages on the back1
1591999330DiscRegular Disc Design (no English in back)1
1601997330BottleRegular Bottle Design0

Czech Republic  Czech Republic
1652003330WaveRegular Wave Design (same can as in Slovakia)0
1702001330CupRegular Cup Design (same can as in Slovakia)3

Egypt  Egypt
1732004330WaveWave Design - "Coca-Cola" written in Arabic2
1722000330CupRegular Cup Design0
1711997330DiscRegular Disc Design0

El Salvador  El Salvador
1742003354WaveWave Design1
9052000354CupRegular Cup Design, Sold in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua & Costa Rica0

Finland  Finland
1761999330DiscRegular Disc Design - arrows at the bottom of the can0

France  France
1802003150CupRegular Cup Design0
1852003150WaveRegular Wave Design0
1812003330WaveWave Design - New can information display0
1912003330WaveWave Design - "Coke up to you"1
1772002330Cup"Edition Limitee" - stars background and golden "Coca-Cola" - Harry Potter design0
1962000330CupRegular Cup Design0
1821995330BottleRegular Bottle Design0
9081995500OldOld Design - "0.5 L" - Always contour0

Germany  Germany
2232004330WaveRegular Wave Design - Exported to Spain1
2212003330WaveRegular Wave Design2
2262000330CupRegular Cup Design1
2282000500CupRegular Cup Design1
2241998330DiscRegular Disc Design0
2471998500DiscRegular Disc Design0
2161997330BottleRegular Bottle Design - "Das Original von Coca-Cola"0
2411977350BlankRegular Blank Design0

Great Britain  Great Britain
10362008150WaveRegular wave design0
8672005330WaveRegular Wave Design1


Total Resoults: 315
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